25th September 2017

Analysis and Consultancy

Analysis “as a service”

This is solution is designed for customers who need a full and customized qualitative and quantitative analysis of web and social content. Our consultants handle requirements analysis, software tools setup, qualitative analysis and creation of periodic reports.



 The correct analysis model-setup is the success key for any web and social media intelligence project. It determines how to collect, categorize and organize data according to the objective of the analysis and the type of expected report. Our consultants will guide you towards the correct definition and setup of the analysis model. They will also manage setup and tuning of software tools used for data collection and content analysis.


The WebLive software platform automates the selection, collection and processing of web and social content in 43 different languages. The software categorizes and organizes information based on the chosen analytical model, elaborating a rich set of data such as credibility and type of source, relevance and language of the content, geographic origin, engagement, audience, advertising-value-equivalent (AVE) and trend topic. WebLive integrates powerful analysis capabilities with dozens of KPIs and over 100 predefined graphs.


Individual aggregate quantitative data becomes information, that is transformed into knowledge through qualitative analysis performed by our analysts. The mode, the typology and the depth of the analysis is designed to match the project’s objectives and the type of requested report. In general, qualitative analysis focuses on the validation of acquired content, the analysis of sentiment and the interpretation of collected information. This way, the WebLive platform integrates quantitative and qualitative data.


Reporting is every project’s crucial element, being the tool for communication and transmission of results and progresses of the monitoring and analysis processes. Extreme puts great focus on the design, customization, and quality of the reports, which are usually drawn up monthly. The reporting form includes: charts and tables, interactive dashboards, tableau packaged workbooks, comments and notes from our analysts, content views, storytelling and customized presentations. Through the Weblive platform, you can constantly consult analytical data and qualitative and quantitative indicators via interactive dashboards.