26th September 2017

Weblive, professional platform for monitoring web and social media



WebLive is the perfect tool for marketing and communication professionals who need to perform a real time analysis of social conversations and global web content in 43 languages. It’s a simple, integrated and powerful web based environment that manages and organizes tracking and analysis activities. It has a set of predefined indicators and metrics with reporting-specific features.

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Relevance indicates the authority of a source. For website relevance, we use monthly average traffic and search engine rankings parameters. For social content, we take into account standard content metrics such as KLOUT.


Audience indicates a follower’s social account’s and a website’s unique monthly users. It is an important metric because it allows you to explore a content’s viral potential by estimating the reached global audience.


Geolocalization determines the geographic origins of a web and social content. We use several methods of analysis to determine the geographic origin even when it is not specified by the social user or by the website.


Engagement indicates all the social media actions such as Like, PlusOne, Share, etc. that are associated with a certain content. This data is crucial because it allows you to find content that is of greatest relevance and participation on the net.


Sentiment provides the categorization of opinions about a certain content. The analysis of sentiment is a complex operation because the text is categorized as positive, negative or neutral depending on what it refers to. The sentiment analysis is an optional function of the service.


Valorisation is determined by an algorithm that indicates the economic value of a content considering its equivalent advertising cost. We use different metrics and parameters depending on the type of web or social content.


WebLive is designed to facilitate user navigation through a great deal of content. The platform allows you to filter content according to different parameters and search through a sophisticated engine for content search by keywords use. This means easy access to millions of targeted posts!


Tagging is one of the most interesting features of Weblive. It lets you automatically tag content according to predefined rules. This allows you to categorize and organize content that has been gathered for the needs of your specific project.


WebLive is configured to export data in EXCEL format or in JSON API format. Export to Excel is customizable and allows you to decide export fields, order and column names. You can download data locally or send to one or more email addresses.


Weblive provides a default dashboard that displays the most relevant indicators in a single real time updated view. The dashboard is interactive and allows you to dynamically select the scanned data. In the Analytics section, there are more than 100 default charts available for an immediate visual and interactive data analysis.


Weblive lets you schedule a daily submission of emails with new collected and analysed content at a predetermined time and to a specific distribution list, based on selected filters. It is possible to set notifications with different parameters for each user.


With a simple click, you can create a PDF report with selected content, including a tab where you can enter various indicators as value, engagement, relevance, etc. The PDF is automatically generated with an index, the text of each content with highlighted keywords and the link to the original content. You can also add a custom cover.


WebLive is a CLOUD service. Data and applications reside in our systems, where we run a day-to-day backup of information. You need therefore only a browser and an Internet connection. Our CLOUD allows you to manage effortlessly from 1 to millions of content items.